This Website is dedicated to our wonderful parents

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Kenneth Matthew QUICK

Born – 7th September, 1912

Died – 5th February, 2006




Olga Mary QUICK nee Mc GREGOR

Born – 25th September, 1918

Died – 6th December, 2003


Thank you Mum for sharing your interest in Family History and passing it on to me.




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                                                                                                                                   Olga and Ken Quick



              Dad’s Favorite Quote

      Quick’s the name smarts the action!



Welcome to my Website,


I have been researching both the Quick Side ( My Fathers ) and the McGregor's Side (My Mothers ) sides of the Family, for about 6 years, not an easy task and not really the recommended thing to do (one side of the family at a time is recommended by genealogists), but I’ve started and now I’m hooked.

My Mum was one to tell me all about her family and where they came from, (not that I remember everything) but most I it I have, funnily enough I have found that some things may not have been the way it was told to Mum then to me, but who cares they are who they were, whatever colour, creed, or race I don’t particularly care, so long as they were good decent, loving and caring human beings.

Dad never talked about his deceased family very much, probably too busy earning a wage and looking after us all, he also looked after his Mother In Law (our Grandma) due to her illness, she lived with my parents not long after they were married, by the time we left home and married Dad was busy enjoying his retirement years and beginning to enjoy his hobbies.  I had a friend from work who volunteered to do a research of the family, Of course the Quick name came to mind straight away as I had no information, other than knowing the names of all my Aunties and Uncles, seeing she had the resources to get some information on the Quick name, thinking she would not get very far I just gave her my Father’s full name  ( Kenneth Matthew Quick born Inglewood  7th September 1912, days later she came back with a long list,  I looked at the pages she had written out in pencil, I couldn’t make head nor tail out of it, she did explain that she was unsure of one of her entries, which was supposedly been Dad’s grandfather buried in Inglewood, same Christian name but wrong age of death, this was confirmed by Dad who was specific of his grandfather dying prior to his birth 1912, after Dad confirming the name of  his Grandmothers maiden name being Roberts I knew I was on the right track,  after much searching over quite a considerable amount of  time I finally found that my great Grandfather had died at the age of  57, I had also found some information that a William Quick was buried at  Fryers Town Cemetery, Victoria Australia.  All I needed to know was whether it was his grave and the only way to find this out was to go and visit Fryers Town, also known as Fryers Creek, my husband Eddie suggested going on a little break (trip) to where I was researching the Quick family, so looking on the Map I found the area’s best to stay at, so we chose Castlemaine, where members and past members of the family had come from. My husband Eddie knew how passionate I was to find out any information I could about William Quick. 


The day after we arrived in Castlemaine we thought we would take a tour from a map I had photocopied from a Book I had searched from and purchased on the net called Fryerstown which was written by Ruth A. Rowe which was connected to my Browning / Knowles side of the Family the book was told to  Constance Browning.  We followed the family trail on the way we visited the Escott Grave (another relative) (believed to be the oldest Grave in the area).